Why I put client experience ahead of everything else…

After working in customer service and administration for over 8 years, I knew how to bash up a quick, polite email and always respond appropropriately via phone. However when it is your name under scrutiny things are a little different.

Being approachable, being honest and offering your advice and experiences are what our clients are paying for.

If you are looking for a supplier that bares all and lays everything they have on the line to ensure your satisfaction, then you’re in the right place.

I am the creator, the one on the phone and the bossy one!

How it began…

Back in 2012, the birth of my first child, sparked an insight into a better life for my family.
I have always been a creative person, throwing my hand at all jobs and sundry.

After some self discovery, I took the plunge and opened our first business, our disco company ‘Jemstone Uk Events’. I knew it would never be an easy road to walk but the skills and knowledge and lessons learnt over the past few years are things you can only gain from hands-on experience.

A Day in the Lights Prop Hire was born after working within the industry for 5 years. My partner Brett, has been a DJ in the industry since the early millenium so has had his fair share of events and tech knowledge to keep us going.

The idea is that it would focus primarily on our core best selling products, our Light Up Letters. With the addition of signage and backdrops, it makes our daily job even more enjoyable being able to create pieces of art.

Here and now…

What I have learnt is, that you can never stop growing and learning in business.

Each day I have learnt something new and how to capture and adapt my individuality into my business has been the most honest and privileged task I have ever accomplished.

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